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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jan 25, 2019

In this episode, Cate coaches Kelly Gardner through designing an annual pass that capitalizes on the wealth of knowledge and skills she already possesses.

Kelly Gardner is “certifiable.” She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Yoga Therapist, a yoga teacher trainer, and a Yoga Health Coach....

Jan 16, 2019

In this YHC Coaching Gym, Cate Stillman sits down with Carly Banks to talk about coaching family members and loved ones.

Carly has led three very close friends through her 10-week program, The Habit. She has found that resistance that she could easily coach a stranger through results in defensiveness from her loved...

Jan 8, 2019

In this “Coach of the Month” interview, Amanda Rae talks with Kattie Maffeo, Yoga Health Coach of the Month, to discuss her path, her practice, her goals, and her successes with Yoga Health Coaching. Kattie and Amanda chat about how experiencing depression and anxiety in Kattie’s 20’s led her to meditation and...