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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Sep 20, 2017

Two friends who on the face of it have it all. Successful careers, kids (eventually), and the slim bodies which signalled to the outside world that these are women in control and at the top of their game.

Behind the apparent success there is extraordinary dysfunction. A disconnection from true needs, nutritionally and spiritually. Going to work early when it’s barely light and finishing work as the light fades, at least 5 days a week. Getting things done supported by gallons of caffeine and using controlled sugary snacks to comfort. Relaxation almost always comes with the sledgehammer alcohol.

This isn’t an unusual state of affairs. This is actually a standard way for men and women in the corporate world to work and wind down but the question is, do women suffer in very particular ways?

Kate and Rosie talk about their friendship and their shared experience.

Kate talks about being hit by the mother of all sledgehammers, facing mortality square in the face with a breast cancer diagnosis shortly before her second marriage. She shares how shifts in her habits helped her through her treatment and recovery and why there is no going back. Both consider what might have made them shift earlier.


What you'll get out of tuning in:

  • Why you might not be as healthy as you think you are?
  • How to get beyond treating the symptoms of your illness
  • How to connect with nature as part of your recovery from cancer
  • Why being intuitive is essential to your recovery from illness




Show Highlights:

  • 0.30 Life as an aspiring lawyer.
  • 8.24 The Breast Cancer diagnosis.
  • 15.30 The role of the Plant Based Diet.
  • 17.30  A holistic view of disease.
  • 18.30 The role of meditation.
  • 23.00 Pushing yourself to the limit and the consequences.
  • 23.35 The role of essential oils.
  • 26.40 Aligning yourself with nature.
  • 29.25 Does it take a health crisis to provoke change?
  • 31.45 A Cancer diagnosis means you re-prioritize.


Your Favorite Quotes:

  • 22.00 “I’ve learnt to say no.” - Kate
  • 23.00 “I’ve learnt that pushing myself like that is like pressing a self destruct button.” - Kate
  • 27.50 ‘You don’t want to sleep walk. You want to appreciate the world you live in.”-  Kate


Guest BIO:

Kate Kennel is a working mum who has recently been declared cancer free. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before her marriage and spent her first 6 months as a newly wed undergoing grueling rounds of chemo and radio therapy.

Kate has recently returned to work but has found a new work life balance and has some words of wisdom for women who are stretched to the max believe they have no reason to be concerned about their health.


Show Host BIO:

Rosie Tait is a former lawyer, raw food chef, autoimmune thriver and member of the YHC community. Having ‘dropped out” of the mainstream corporate life to maintain her own health Rosie is committed to sharing the simple habits message in support women who are courageous enough to remain. Women are the change makers.