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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jan 4, 2022

Podcast Intro

Cathy Mines, accomplished light-worker, healer, and community leader started her Yoga Health Coaching journey in May of 2021.  Even just beginning the journey she has already been mind blown by the transformation of herself, community, and income.  Likewise, the Yoga Health Coaching community has recognized her as STAR in the community and program and awarded her with Yoga Health Coach of the month!

In this interview, we will get a good understanding of where Cathy’s journey started, her hurdles, her big wins, and what’s next.  Get ready to get excited and be inspired about the potential of your own wellness journey!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Being lifted in a community to lifting your community.
  • Going from the zone of excellence to the zone of genius.
  • What is experienced in dynamic groups?
  • Why take the plunge into the YHC experience



  • Cathy talks about how she quickly worked through some limiting beliefs upon joining YHC.
  • Cathy explains the dynamic group model translating to her own community.
  • Cathy gives advice to those on the fence about joining the YHC Community


  • 1:05 - Intro to Cathy and her leadership style
  • 3:30 - Upleveling from limiting beliefs
  • 5:40 - Community and dynamic groups
  • 8:12-  Zone of excellence to the zone of genius
  • 8:45 - Living in a community and pivoting through the pandemic
  • 15:50 - Results in her group
  • 20:43 - Growth experience from the habits and business model
  • 22:30 - Community/Dynamic Group Model experience
  • 24:57 - Advice to those on the fence 
  • 28:45 - What's next - solidifying the business model


  • I’ve got to admit, I think I’ve had the best season of my life since I began this training.
  • What I've learned is people can feel how much I love them even when I’m online.
  • This idea of a freedom-based lifestyle, it’s like really true.  It’s true and it’s like happening to me!

Guest BIO: Cathy Mines

Cathy is the Owner and Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga, her 'Living Sacred Daily' course is her deep dive into the habits of Yoga and Ayurveda.

A graduate of the Transformational Arts College Spiritual Psychotherapy Program, a Certified HeartMath Clinical Practitioner, and a yoga teacher since 2003. A Certified Peace Ambassador and currently a YHC student. Most of all Cathy is living the dream of loving the work she does.