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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Dec 7, 2021

Podcast Intro:

Megan has been awarded our coach of the month. She has been in the Yoga Health Coaching program for about 6 months and has been an asset to the community. 

Starting her studies in the theatre, Megan pivoted into helping people understand their beliefs to gain clarity with their life goals. She never expected to go through hospitality and tourism eventually going into an academic study. Megan studies what people believe in, why they believe it, and how they perform it in the body. With no clue what she was doing in her career, she just went with the flow, and looking back she realized she got practical training in the body because of this experience.

Megan started small by running a 6-week course which she hoped would be part of a year-long course and this gave some perspective on her plans for a course.

What you’ll get out of tuning in

  • How integrating urine therapy in your lifestyle can help heal you
  • How to transform your mindset using the Dalian Method
  • How is Yoga Health Coaching filling in the gaps



  • Weaving Urine Therapy into a year-long journey
  • Building infrastructure. Combining modalities.
  • Tapping your unconscious mind thru the Dalian Method


  • [05:11] Where are you now in the process of leading a journey?
  • [07:00] What has been the impact in your own life?
  • [11:05] How do you plan to weave Urine therapy into your year-long journey? 
  • [14:07] What is Yoga Health Coaching doing for you? 
  • [19:40] What's the next challenge to get you to the next level of your growth?
  • [22:14] What words of wisdom do you have for healers out there?


  • "I didn't have a career and I didn't have a trajectory that made sense to anybody else, I was just walking through the door that opened"
  • "The two fastest option powerful things I've ever found are the Dalian Method and Urine Therapy"
  • "You need a year to try things, to see what works and then to embed them"
  • "If my mind can't figure it out then my mind doesn't have access to it"