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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Nov 23, 2021

Podcast Intro:

Like many others these days, Patrick’s life may have never found its way to Yoga Health Coaching without the world pandemic.  While he was once on Broadway and teaching yoga in his free time, that changed when it was all shut down.  Through the Yoga Health Coaching Model, Patrick was able to step up and turn the chaos into opportunity.  While it has been confronting at times, he continues to embrace the synchronicities to be most helpful in his community, while continuing to evolve his identity.

In this conversation Patrick Heffernan, Yoga Health Coach of the month, and Anne Berklemans examine, celebrate, and discuss his process and what is next on his path as a successful coach, leader, and entrepreneur.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to turn crisis into opportunity.
  • How to ask for feedback.
  • How to leverage feedback into results.
  • Loving the sales and marketing process as a conversation.
  • How the habits give greater clarity.



  • Value of following a structure.
  • Reciprocating worth from deliverable results.
  • Growing income, impact, and lifestyle to better support self and then others.


  • 3:22 - Finding the opportunity from crisis/chaos.
  •  4:31 - Using the Pandemic time for greater morning rituals.
  •  6:16 - Asking for feedback to know your worth.
  •  7:45 - Transitioning from delivered service to a year-long journey.
  • 12:20 - Value of the structure.
  • 14:20 - Where are resistance and roadblocks? 
  • 19:35 - Habits and the nervous system.
  • 22:44 - What does the future look like?


  • “It can be a weird thing to pivot from something that is so known and secure in many ways, to taking a totally new direction in life.”
  • “It ended up being a big synthesis of all the things that I think I’ve already kind of have done well over the years and putting them all together in a more comprehensive package.”
  • “When I do these habits my perception of who I am, where I am, of what I am is so clear to me.”