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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Feb 8, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Coach of the month, Sharon Rudy, has experienced more growth than ever since she joined the community just a year ago.  While she’s been in the yoga and wellness field since 1998, she is just beginning to embrace her unique expertise in this vast world of health coaching. 

Join in on the conversation between Anna and Sharon as they discuss where she was then to where she is now, celebrate her huge wins, honor new discoveries, and lean into the growing edge of her current challenges.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to see yourself as a coach and a leader
  • How to make the habits course your very own
  • How to embrace your growing edge through your convictions
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome



  • Sharon talks about the use of Tarot cards and Vedic Astrology in her coaching.
  • Sharon talks about connecting to her community by overcoming autoimmune issues.
  • Sharon talks about overcoming issues of self-doubt and unworthiness.


  • 2:01- Changes since enrollment conversations
  •  4:42- Transition from many modalities one to membership
  •  7:43- New skills in sales and marketing
  • 10:44- Body Thrive habits as a foundation for a unique course
  • 16:19- The growing edge of public visibility and being a leader
  • 20:25- How it feels to step into vulnerability to share wisdom
  • 20:45- Stepping up as being the ultimate act of service
  • 22:45- Biggest lessons learned so far


  • “Our deeper desires are what lead us to our ultimate dharma, our life's purpose or even I like to invert that and say a purposeful life.”
  • “The foundation of the habits helps all of the women get to their particular goals, to clear the stagnancy, the ama, or the toxicity out of the body-mind complex in order to activate that fire of their vision of what they really want and living their dharma.”
  • “It’s been quite beautiful to bring in my offerings, whereas before I think I had more of a rigid idea about what a health coach is.”
  • “That's my growing edge of putting myself out there in the way from my own beliefs and convictions and my own healing path to help others.”
  • “People are going to really love you for who you are and how you are taking people on their journey and it's not so much about needing to become something other than what you already are.”

Guest Bio: Sharon Rudy

Sharon Rudy is an intuitive teacher who has been immersed in the practices of yoga, meditation, and mysticism since 1998. She began teaching yoga in 2003. Sharon is known for her exceptional storytelling and love of mythology, which is woven into alignment-focused yoga. Her classes are smart yet accessible, insightful, and often humorous. Sharon works privately with individuals seeking spiritual and intuitive guidance through Tarot readings and Vedic Astrology.

Sharon believes it is never too late for deep transformation and specializes in guiding women at transitional points in their lives. Her most recent endeavor is marrying all of her teaching loves together in her signature program for women, Return to Radiance. Rooted in the ten Ayurvedic habits for optimal wellbeing, Return to Radiance clears the stagnation in the body-mind complex to cultivate deeper intuition, kindle the fire of one’s vision for their lives, and ultimately live their greater dharma, or purposeful life.