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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Sep 28, 2021

Podcast Intro: 

In this episode, Anna speaks with Suzanne about what methods have worked for her on her road to success as a Yoga Health Coach.

Suzanne shares what has worked for her and what has not worked for her along the way.  You may also get inspiration on how to play around with the model to find what best suits you in creating the most epic ride for your members. 


What you’ll get out of tuning in: 

  • How to recognize when you begin to embody the practices
  • Understanding that following the business model works
  • Inspiration and ideas to customize your program



  • The benefits of free talks - getting enrollments and ppl on the emailing list 13:37
  •  It wasn’t until LA and Body Thrive that you put the theory into practice... even the yama and niyamas became real 3:03
  • The business model really is a simple structure 13:05


  • Suzanne hires a virtual assistant to help keep up with enrollment 12:24
  •  I make sure I follow up with people 14:12
  •  It’s great to see the model working for Suzanne and Suzanne putting the effort in 21:00


  • “The Living Ayurveda course blew my mind” 2:20
  • “If I can get them into a 1:1 talk we’re pretty good to go” 14:00
  • “If you’re thinking about it and there’s a deep calling follow don’t know how capable you are until you step into” 16:32
  • “Income is so related to impact, two sides of one coin” 21:52
  • “Self care is non-negotiable” 24:07