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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Nov 15, 2018

In this Changemaker Challenge episode, Carly Banks sits down with Rachel Peters to talk about the beliefs and fears one need to overcome when stepping into entrepreneurship.

Prior to YHC, Rachel was working at a job that showcased many of her innate skills: organization, structure, opportunities to speak and to lead. She also owned a brick and mortar yoga studio. She excelled in both businesses, but something wasn't right. Rachel was working 60+hours a week.

Following the birth of her son, it became obvious that her work schedule would not foster the connection she wanted to build between them. This was the spark... the moment where she accepted something needed to change. She took the leap and enrolled in Yoga Health Coaching.

In this interview, Rachel is super honest about how her mindset can stop her from moving forward. It almost always comes down to fear. But in this community we get comfortable with our fears. We play the edges of them, and seek new truths so we can overcome them.

Three years into her YHC career, Rachel is now making the same income she was while working 60 hours a week, except now she only works 20-25 hours a week. Same money. A THIRD of the hours. Doing work that really fills her up on her own terms. And the flexibility to be with her family whenever she sees fit.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How our fears keep us in our comfort zones.
  • How YHC provides the structures and systems we need to be successful.
  • How YHC is a platform for both personal and professional growth.


Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • 0:00 - As moms, sometimes it’s hard to define what a good work/life balance is. For almost 20 years, Rachel worked as a liaison between land management agencies and a local college. She often put in over 40 hours per week. She also owned a yoga studio and taught 8-10 classes per week. After the birth of her son, her heart wasn’t in her work anymore, and she found herself talking more and more about yoga and health.
  • 6:50 - Becoming a parent changes your priorities. Even when you’re really good at your job, you might start to wonder whether it still suits your identity and whether it’s in line with your dharma. Rachel realized that in order to do the work she really wanted to do, she had to step out from behind the desk.
  • 10:50 - Many of us have been taught that we need a job with a “benefits package.” For Rachel, it was hard to break away from that mindset . . . until she realized that the benefits package wasn’t benefitting her. So she started making a list of all the things that were holding her back, and she began to realize that most of it was fear.
  • 16:20 - Identity evolution is an ongoing process. Even after we make a big leap, there is always more work to do; there’s always a next step in our evolution. The 10 habits of Body Thrive help us ease through those transitions.
  • 18:20 - Rachel was part of the first group of yoga health coaches. She recalls sitting down with Cate for a strategy session and making a plan. It took Rachel another two and a half years to leave her desk job. But she “followed the breadcrumbs” and put in the work. She no longer works a desk job. She no longer owns a yoga studio. She works between 20 and 25 hours per week and this year her income will be what it was when she left her 40+ hours a week desk job.
  • 21:40 - When we learn and practice the habits of Body Thrive, when we do the work in YHC, we start to get really clear on what matters most. We experience personal and professional growth simultaneously.


Your Favorite Quotes:

  • “The work that I’d been doing so long . . . became the thing that I hid behind.” --- Rachel Peters
  • “I still am working on really believing in myself and that I can do this. And that I really can help people.” --- Rachel Peters
  • “You create new patterns in your thoughts by repeating the new truths to yourself.” --- Carly Banks
  • “Which one feels better? Fly the desk, or like . . . fly?” --- Carly Banks
  • “One of the beautiful things of YHC is to learn the steps, that it’s a system and it works.” --- Rachel Peters


Guest BIO:

Rachel’s – As a Certified Yoga Health Coach and the Founder of Embody Ease and the Easeful Living Community, Rachel leads women on a yearlong journey to dissolve perfectionism and embody daily habits that promote clarity, ease, and inner connection. She is a wife, mom, and lover of wild places and contributes to her local community as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer in Prescott, AZ she also serves as the leader of the Coaching Team at Yogahealer. Check her website and facebook page.