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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Aug 30, 2017

Grace is one of our amazing Yoga Health Coaches who has overcome so much to be where she is today, and as a Yoga Health Coach, she makes Dream Calls for the Awake Living course.

In this episode, Grace and Cate discuss selling the Awake Living course to potential clients, and uncover secrets that will help other Yoga Health Coaches do the same for any Yogahealer course. Grace describes the three levels of readiness an individual may have on a call, and how she feels out the call to assess which level. From there, she has different ways of bringing her potential clients from their particular stages to signing up for Awake Living or any other Yogahealer course. Tune in to learn how to become the best Dream Caller you can be!


What you'll get out of tuning in:

  • How to sell the Awake Living course to potential clients
  • What to do when it's a harder sell
  • The three levels of readiness, and how to encourage potential clients to make the leap


Show Highlights:

  • 0:14 Grace describes the three levels of readiness clients have when deciding whether they want to take part in Awake Living.
  • 2:10 For people who are hesitant to dive into Awake Living, we can get them into Body Thrive and have it roll into Awake Living in January. Roll-in tuition allows people to apply an investment they've already made to a future investment.
  • 3:15 Allow potential course members to apply past courses to future courses as a deposit.
  • 3:25 If it's a hard sell, offer something that's an easy give for Yogahealer and will catch their attention and make them excited to enroll.
  • 5:15 Weekly bonus deadlines allow people to invest in themselves.
  • 6:15 Cate recounts how people who are in BodyThrive long-term thrive the most
  • 10:30 Remember that every encounter you have with a potential client makes a difference!


Favorite Quotes:

  • "How well do they know you? How long have they been following you? How excited are they? How excited do they get at the questions? That's an indicator that the offer is probably going to be made.." - Grace Edison
  • "The first call is really about meeting them at their excitement." - Grace Edison
  • "The second kind of person, they know they want it but they don't see maybe how they're going to do it… there's not trust yet." - Grace Edison
  • "The third: that's the not-ready-at-all person, and they're probably not going to be a good fit for the course, but... they're probably going to be be someone we'll see in six months to a year." - Grace Edison
  • "It's really important that we get them the right information and let them know that there is a path for that." - Grace Edison
  • "Roll-in tuition is huge… you can roll your lower dollar offer into your higher dollar offer... it just sets the mindset: 'oh I can apply this investment into future investments." - Cate Stillman
  • "The bonus just helps them make the decision to get what they want in the course." - Cate Stillman


Guest BIO:

Grace Edison Grace Edison lives in British Columbia, Canada. She’s a mom of twin 8-year-olds, a Yoga teacher, a studio owner, and Yoga Health Coach — and she also

works for Cate Stillman in Admissions at Yogahealer! More than anything, she loves to make people laugh and has a not-so-secret dream of doing stand-up comedy.

Grace has a strong passion for empowering others to take their health and wellness into their own hands. She loves building authentic relationships, making people laugh, and creating supportive communities. After a long-standing relationship with severe depression, Grace has found deep relief through the habits of Ayurveda — and much credit is due to Cate and her Body Thrive program. After taking Body Thrive several times and jumping into Yoga Health Coaching, Grace came aboard the Yogahealer team. If you’re interested in applying for or discovering if you’re a good fit for the course, please contact her at to book a strategy session!



Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman founded in 2001 to guide Yoga people into Ayurveda and Ayurveda people into yoga. Built on the value of both personal and planetary thrive and a deep connect to one’s ecosystem, community and body, Yogahealer grew into a team, 2 podcasts a week, regular blogging, an arsenal of courses to guide people into their potential, an a professional community + certification program Yoga Health Coaching. Cate wrote and self-published Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Ayurveda, which helps people who dig yoga take a giant leap forward in their wellness trajectory with Ayurveda.