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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Oct 13, 2017

Grace Edison talks with Carly Banks, a mom and Yoga Health Coach who went from real estate/construction to habit coaching after taking the Body Thrive course with Grace. Carly talks about how the course helped her transform her postpartum depression into a healthy desire to teach the habits she learned to others. Both Grace and Carly talk about the group dynamics in the Yoga Health Coaching community and how they help all members grow.


What you'll get out of tuning in:

  • Why groups are important for personal growth
  • What you’ll get from other Yoga Health Coaches
  • Why it’s important to show up as yourself when you teach others




Show Highlights:

  • 02:24 - Carly tells her story of how she came into Body Thrive YHC program with Grace
  • 07:11 - Carly talks about her experience in the program; when she started she was suffering from postpartum depression, and afterwards she wanted to share what she learned
  • 09:50 - Carly discusses how she went from not being involved in the wellness community to finding the people for her first Body Thrive pilot
  • 15:39 - Grace and Carly discuss the importance of “being real” and showing up as ourselves when we lead groups
  • 17:58 - Carly talks about running her first pilot
  • 23:20 - Grace and Carly discuss the importance of the YHC forum and community and accountability partners and the opportunity to coach


Guest Bio:

Carly Banks is a mom and Yoga Health Coach who came out of postpartum depression through the Yoga Healer Body Thrive course. She now offers her own course at The Habit.