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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Aug 31, 2021

Cate talks to Jeff about his business journey and suggests incorporating the 10 Habits into his coaching groups using the format he already established. 

Jeffrey admits that he needs to work harder to integrate these habits into his group and as a trained functional medicine and cancer coach, he is confident that by utilizing the tools provided by Cate's program, he will be able to advance his path toward certification while also aligning his groups to practice the 10 Habits.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to connect with Health, wealth relationships, and business
  • How to integrate the 10 Habits into an established group format.
  • How to stay on track with Yoga Health Coaching certification.

Show Highlights:

  • Using the tools learned to start applying the 10 Habits in my groups.
  • Believing you can serve the people you are working with now.
  • Staying on track with certification as a Yoga Health Coach.


  • 4:20-5:35 I wonder if this is a case of “you’re more on track than you think you are”.
  • 8:17-9:08 Is there a way to integrate 10 habits coaching in a group format with what you’re already doing? 
  • 9:57-10:54 Invite the past clients and the ones you are working with to start working with the 10 Habits
  • 20:17 -21:01 You already have confidence, just allow this whole thing to work and allow the space to happen.


  • What's your bigger end goal? Let's find the way that’s true to you.Cate
  • I am missing the opportunity of using the 10 habits to get re-grounded and back on track with certification. Jeffrey
  • You already have confidence, just allow the whole thing to work, get the people in your group reading Body Thrive! Cate.
  • One of my limited beliefs was doing it well enough at a certain level of experience and not allowing myself to do this one step at a time. Jeffrey

Guest Bio:

Co-founder of Raising My Game Coaching. Has training in Functional Medicine and Cancer Coaching. Holds a B.S. in Physiology. Trained with Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins/Cloe Madanes. He has also work in television and publishing in NYC.