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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Nov 9, 2021

Podcast Intro: 

In this Coaching Gym turned podcast, we meet Emily Cole, Wilderness Guide/Mentor AND Yoga Health Coach.  While she has achieved her initial goals through her pilot, she is now in Mastery and ready for what’s next!

This conversation guides us on how to align our personal goals into reality through Emily’s unique experience as a Wilderness Guide.  It’s really about embracing our own unique expertise and creating marketing around it to find our people!   That is not without, of course, all the organizational and identity evolution work that supports it’s all.  

Put on your listener hat, but have your CEO hat nearby to change into after, and design your own unique experience for what’s next!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Making goals realistic and attainable with a little stretch
  • Task batching to create systems
  • Evolving identity from contractor to CEO
  • How to set goals and create targets
  • Marketing into your journey
  • How to figure out all the functions needed for growth
  • Advantages of playing to our natural habitat
  • Building stronger language around our story and convictions



  • [3:25] Articulating goals of then and now
  • [5:05] Contract mindset to self-employed
  • [7:20] Western emphasis on doing vs. being.
  • [10:12] Setting up a platform for next phase of growth
  • [12:05] Marketing
  • [18:49] In-person events
  • [19:40] Wearing your CEO hat/alter ego
  • [21:55] Scheduling as a process.
  • [25:15] Creating member experience
  • [31:42] Building a vision for traction
  • [34:05]  Getting clear and brand and convictions


  • “The timeline is not as important as the progress.”
  • “Progress is not that linear.”
  • “The more people meet in person, it’s a game-changer for your group getting momentum.”
  • “Life is an adventure.  Make the hard choices now that help you thrive.”