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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Sep 27, 2017

Two Yoga Health Coaches, wellness practitioners and mothers talk about how to raise a family, run a business and still create time for your own personal growth.

Annie Barrett of Olympia, WA and Jessica Graham Robinson of Lander, WY discuss how the YHC program informs their parenting, how the values of homeschooling/alternative schooling relate to yoga and how to create support systems for ourselves and our families. They also describe what a balanced family day look like in relation to the chaotic nature of most days in most busy moms’ lives.

If you’ve ever struggled with motherhood and entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you.


What you'll get out of tuning in: 

  • How to be a stellar parent, teacher and business owner at the same time
  • What you need to know to balance family and work life
  • Why you should practice self-care as a parent




Show Highlights:

  • 10:10 Jessica discusses how the concept of pulsation relates to raising a family, running a business, having discipline and enjoying freedom
  • 13:10 Jessica talks about the habits that help her balance family life and work life. Earlier lighter dinners and a morning routine (dinacharya) are keystone habits for her.
  • 28:34 Annie and Jessica discuss the importance of support systems and accountability partners in being successful.


Your Favorite Quotes:

  • “Bookends, what we do in the morning and in the evening creates a container for how the rest of the day goes” -Annie
  • “In the evening, taking the time to visualize the day ahead. What is my intention and how does it flow? Rehearsing it and having a clarity of what tomorrow is” - Jessica
  • “There are going to be days that don’t go smoothly but when we know what rhythms feel like, we know how to get back there.” - Annie
  • “Find those people who are going to lift you up and raise your vibration.” - Jessica