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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Feb 15, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Like many Yoga Health Coaches, Suzanne Martin has overcome so much on her life path so far.  Her path has taken her to “Hell and back”, giving her rich spiritual insight.  While she has a deep understanding that she is supposed to use the wisdom attained from her journey to help others, there are still many inner battles to overcome dealing with how to authentically present and market herself. 

Listen in on this coaching gym where Cate and Suzanne troubleshoot where she is stuck, why she is stuck, and how to authentically market herself out of her stuckness.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to play the edge in introverted coaching
  • How to stand in your light authentically
  • How to design your marketing around your growing edge
  • How to market through your convictions



  • Cate references the “Experience Transformer” from December 2021 Body Thrive Call.
  • Cate talks about voicing her convictions about medicine. 
  • Cate talks about James Altucher’s creative process of ideation


  • 1:32- Attachment and authenticity of standing in our light
  • 3:25- Experience transformer- making past traumas useful
  • 4:04- Self Sabotaging behaviors
  • 4:55- Practice sitting in the worst-case scenario
  • 7:50- Using the supporter role as a marketing advantage
  • 10:45- Using deflection to create light.
  • 13:04- Stating convictions.
  • 16:40- Overcoming perfectionism by being messy and authentic.
  • 17:55- Small marketing actions using convictions
  • 19:25- Making spiritual teachings relevant in marketing
  • 20:40- Ideation/creative marketing


  • “I self-sabotage because I have a deep fear of standing in my own light and the responsibility that comes when you do.”
  • “I can see how everything I have gone through is in service of helping other people.”
  • “You’ve come back from there [Hell], and now you have to tell the tale because others are still there and they don’t know how to get back.”
  • “There's a way to structure marketing so that you are constantly shining the light on others.”
  • “Let yourself mess up.  Let yourself do it messy in front of the world because that is how everyone does it who's really doing it authentically.”
  • “You are out of the way.  That whole persona, that whole layer of deep scarring attachment issue, it is dissolved by taking the action.”

Guest BIO: Suzanne Martin

Suzanne got her YHC certification. Prior to this she taught yoga and meditation, brought yoga and mindfulness-based practices to inner-city schools, and worked in the arts and education. She is also a mama bear and wife living in Asheville, NC.