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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jan 29, 2020

Trust your desire! Tune in to learn why helping others and having a lucrative business aren’t mutually exclusive pursuits.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to generate positive stressors and avoid negative stressors.
  • How to clarify your ambition.
  • How to achieve your ambition while avoiding negative stressors.


Links Mentioned in Episode:


Show Highlights:

  • Cate leads you through an exercise to help you clarify your ambition.
  • Cate explains the 80/20 rule in yogic and Ayurvedic terms.



  • 0:25-3:00 - Intro - What are positive stressors and negative stressors?
  • 3:00-6:55 - Exercise - Get present with your ambition.
  • 6:55-11:30 - What’s the easier way to achieve your ambition?
  • 13:46-17:39 - Does your business model funnel your ambition while avoiding negative stressors?
  • 17:39-20:44 - The 80/20 rule and how to avoid shiny object syndrome.
  • 20:44-22:52 - How to efficiently and effectively use social media. 
  • 22:52-26:15 - How Yoga Health Coaching gives you the skills you need to achieve your ambition.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “If 80% of your time is not generating 80% of your results, it’s not working.”  --- Cate Stillman
  • “When you care so much about the people that you want to guide on a deeper healing journey, that you want to guide on deep transformational life awakening, when you care so much about that, you’re willing to examine your self . . . you’re willing to self-reflect; you’re will to study and say, ‘Okay, in looking back, what I see is this 80% of how I spend my time - can’t keep doing that. This 20% of what I did - that had impact. I gotta dial that up.’” --- Cate Stillman
  • “Trust your desire. Trust your desire to make a great living, to have a lucrative lifestyle. Trust your desire to really help people at the level that other people have helped you on your healing journey as a wellness pro. Trust in that.” --- Cate Stillman