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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Apr 26, 2022

Podcast Intro

Dr. Marie Weitbrecht isn’t new in the Yoga Health Coaching world.  In her five years in the YHC community, she has experienced her personal marketplace change so much, making it hard to connect with the people that need her the most.  This has inspired her to revive her marketing plan and start new conversations to expand into new areas where she is needed most.

Listen in on this coaching gym where Cate and Marie get specific on her digital avatar, niche market, and next steps on how and where to start conversations.  This talk will inspire marketing experimentation as a habit in authentic ways, to continually be most helpful in the ever-changing market.

What you’ll get out of tuning in

  • How to evolve your marketing plan in a changing world
  • Why get specific on your digital avatar and niche market.
  • How to test a new marketing language.
  • Why use open conversations as marketing research.
  • Where to find helpful copywriting tools.



  • Cate tells a story about how a person checked her out on the internet before a meeting and how we all have digital avatars these days.
  • Cate talks about the importance of being approachable and understanding what that means culturally. 
  • Cate tells a story about her first marketing coach describing the process as throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


  • [2:25] - Specifying niche market.
  • [3:35] - Developing copywriting skills.
  • [6:33] - Creating an avatar from a past iteration of self.
  • [10:42] - Pain points of a niche market.
  • [13:44] - Marketing funnels.
  • [17:15] - Copywriting to hook people in.
  • [19:17] - Digital Avatars.
  • [21:40] - Understanding approachability with culture.
  • [25:30] - Creating coded language.
  • [28:42] - Starting conversations in Facebook groups. 
  • [32:33] - Evaluating marketing engagement. 
  • [35:28] - Scheduling marketing as a habit.


  • “Keep thinking, ‘This is the person I’m solving this problem for.’”
  • “The more you get clear with these different pain points, they each have a story and they each have a breakthrough.” 
  • “We all have digital avatars.”
  • “Marketing is, you keep throwing spaghetti at the walls.

Guest BIO: Dr. Marie Weitbrecht

With her background in Theatre Studies, book editing and a PhD in Media Studies Marie has been striving to merge her spiritual side with the professional. She has been working as a coach for 9 years, integrating Embodiment and Ayurveda into her work.