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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jun 22, 2021

Cate interviews Shea Lehnen, a Yoga Health Coach from Wyoming. Shea’s pilot grew quickly, with mostly people from her yoga community. With Cate’s help, Shea is looking to expand her program to target prospects outside of that niche community. To do this, Shea needs to use terminology that resonates with both yogic and non-yogic prospects.

Cate takes Shea through a marketing funnel to help her get clear on how to give her people what they want using, “know, like, trust” factor.  Narrowing down what results Shea’s people crave helps give insight to a common goal of losing weight and feeling better.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to find your niche for your group.
  • How to give people what they want.
  • How to use terminology everyone can resonate with.

Show Highlights:

  • Iyengar yoga diaper short.
  • Marketing Funnels.
  • People want something different, something else.
  • Develop know, like, trust factor.
  • Use evergreen content to recycle your information.


  • 1:44-2:20 The new people are feeling lost with Ayurvedic terminology, how to niche and keep both groups engaged
  • 2:42-3:21 Early adopters of yoga vs yoga focused on fitness and working out. 
  • 8:08-8:59   What people want is to lose weight and feel better and what people need is the journey, the know, like, trust factor!
  • 21:22-32:21 Building a prep program using the evergreen content for continuous relevancy throughout the year
  • 24:12-25:09Dialing in the 1st two habits and targeting inner peace and weight loss


  • How your people can learn about Sankskrit through the know, like, trust factor. (Cate)
  • Yoga nowadays is more focused on fitness and working out rather than on enlightenment and philosophy. (Cate)
  • My people are looking for a way to lose weight and feel better. (Shea) 
  • I want to help my people tap in their body wisdom, not give them a diet plan. (Shea)
  • I’m building a prep course and taking it back a few steps. (Shea)