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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Aug 9, 2022

Podcast Intro

Many people always have a hard time dealing with marketing. Getting into business is really not an easy task. You need to handle and improve so many things for your business to grow; some business owners tend to forget the most important bits about business.

In this podcast, Cate will discuss the Product market fit and how it affects marketing. She will also discuss the market thesis and share some interesting stories with us, so make sure to listen carefully and have fun.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to do a passive leadership
  • Learn what a Market Thesis is
  • Develop a Market Thesis
  • How Wellness Pros grow together



  • Cate shares a story about an interview she had with a Doctor that made her emotional
  •  Cate shares a story about her and her friend about handling compost
  • Cate tells us who she is working with next


  • [00:54] Introduction
  • [02:47] Hardcore Healers
  • [03:44] Understanding Yourself
  • [5:11] Market Thesis
  • [07:01] Growing Together
  • [10:40] Product Market Fit Meets Market Thesis
  • [13:06] The Split
  • [16:46] Solution that Should be Prototyped Next
  • [21:35] Intermittent Fasting Second Call
  • [23:23] Dynamic Groups Training
  • [24:10] Final Message
  • [26:02] Closing remarks


  • “Wellness pros want to heal the hurt and lean into the evolution, influence the culture and community. Wellness pros together give a feeling of making it easier and connected”
  • “We have to simplify lead generation, no one should take the time or money objection, it is us that will change our experience as well as pros in terms of understanding inflation in an inflationary economy “
  • “There's a way we can be more effective by being connected. And through growing together, both in our Thrive lifestyle and leading the way guiding the journey for our members to thrive.”
  • “Lead is a mastermind for wellness products, we want to get a high ticket journey up and running and earning.”