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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Feb 26, 2020

Some people can carry scaring memories in their energy bodies, and it keeps them from moving forward. But you don’t have to be stuck with your past. Learn how rewriting you memories can help on the Yogahealer podcast.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How can you rewrite a memory?
  • How do you make a new memory detailed?
  • How can you use this to let go of bad experiences?


Links Mentioned in Episode:



Show Highlights:

  • Cate shares how she teaches her daughter to rewrite memories
  • Cate explains how people with difficult pasts can use this technic



  • 3:07 Understand how to rewrite a memory effectively
  • 5:33 Making the new memory stick
  • 8:41 Repairing bad memories


Favorite Quotes:

  • “Some scars are the ruts of the patterns of the self”
  • “There are ruts and patterns of the self where you're willing to sacrifice yourself for empathy”
  • “Anyone who's had a lot of history, a lot of bad memories has a lot of scarring and it really plays into their current energy body”