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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Nov 15, 2017

Hi I'm Annie Barrett. I am a certified Yoga Health Coach and Yoga Health Coach member, and enthusiastic participant of the most recent Yogahealer retreat that took place in October 2017, in Rapid City, South Dakota. In this podcast, I talk about what we experienced on the retreat: there were about 30 of us Yogahealer members, including members from Body Thrive, Yoga Health Coaching, Living Ayurveda Course, and Awake Living, and, of course, Cate.


If you went on the Rapid City, South Dakota Retreat, this show is a great recap of what we did, and will be a reflective experience for you. If you are interested in what happens on Yogahealer retreats, this podcast will give you an idea of what we do so you can consider attending the next one (I think you should!). And if you are thinking about leading retreats for your clients or course members, or you already do, this podcast will give you excellent ideas for transformative retreat activities.


The theme of this retreat was Stepping into Your Future Self, and it was really about our personal and collective evolution. And as are all things Yogahealer, it was a collaborative affair. So tune in to hear more about this amazing experience!


What you'll get out of tuning in:

  • Everything you need to know about Yogahealer's most recent retreat
  • How the retreat helped its participants step into their future selves
  • Why you should come to the next retreat!




Show Highlights:

  • 3:00 - The scenery was beautiful, the food delicious and nourishing, the swag bags filled with goodies, and the added activities collaborative and powerful.
  • 5:00 - We considered why we came to the retreat: We came for connection. We came for fun, for exchange of ideas, for exchange of energy. We came to get clarity around our dharma. We came for breakthroughs, and we got them.
  • 6:00 - In order the consider the future self, you must consider the past and present self. Who are you? Where have you been? And who will you become next? List out your old tendencies and your new desired tendencies, and consider what you might need to give up from the old.
  • 10:45 - The way we usually spend our time may not be the way we need to spend it to become our future Selves. By taking the time to designing the ideal calendar for ourselves, we can take actionable steps forward toward that next Self.
  • 13:30 - Brooke Bailey, Heather Stewart, Kelly Gardner, Mary Sullivan, Rachel Peters, and Sarita Linda-Rocco share about the connections, personal development, confidence, vulnerability, business savvy, self-exploration, and actionables they developed at the retreat.


Your Favorite Quotes

  • "We came because we want depth in what we do, we want a reality check, and we want to be deeply satisfied." - Annie Barrett
  • "You don't show up to one of Cate's courses and expect to sit around. You are going to be going places." - Annie Barrett
  • "When we let our light shine, we allow ourselves to be so much more potent in the world." - Annie Barrett
  • "Part of stepping into my new self is to step back and remember what it was like to step into my old self." - Heather Stewart
  • "This has been so powerful for me in opening myself to my own vulnerability, and allowing myself to authentically be who I am." - Kelly Gardner
  • "How am I going to create the kind of friction and fuel needed to ignite this next phase?" - Rachel Peters