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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Mar 1, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Cate and Geoff Mackenzie talk about how to set reasonable and attainable goals in order to achieve Geoff's desired level of success. Geoff admits that when he first launched YHC, he had no idea who he was as an entrepreneur and had allowed his work ethics to deteriorate over the previous decade. Geoff realizes he needs to take things to the next level by setting SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound) goals.

Cate also mentions that if Geoff forms a men's group, it should be approachable and enjoyable. It must also be a place where men can be themselves and let their hair down! These men are stable, have pensions, and long-term jobs, but they haven't been taking care of their own bodies and don't really know-how.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to set realistic, yet audacious & inspiring goals.
  • How to set and hit SMART goals.
  • How to market to a men’s group.


  • GAIN THINKING! (looking back to see what I've learned, how I've helped my group, etc.)
  • Asking for help and accountability
  • Calendar integrity/scheduling/planning (eg, free talks, marketing, any task)
  • Attending calls, work parties, and meetups keep me connected and inspired.
  • Taking the risk of setting up an internship and delegating to them (in the process)

Not Working:

  • -Allotting too much time for tasks that could be done faster
  • Not working with my preferred audience/niche
  • Too many other projects..? (yoga program, YTT, men's group,)
  • Unrealistic expectations/feelings "behind"
  • Having a Youtube premium account LOL! (easy distraction)



  • Turn your BHAG into a SMART goal! Cate
  • Stop marketing to yourself. Cate 
  • Your avatar is someone who hasn't lived the life of their dreams but  actually people who need to work. Cate


  • [3:29] Where are you not doing the right activities? 
  • [19:52] Do a lot of testing and see what naturally grows. 
  • [20:18] Your avatar is different, it’s someone who hasn’t lived the life of their dreams. 
  • [20:39] Everything is stable in their lives, work, pension, etc, but their body is a wreck! 
  • [21:27] It’s gotta be cool, funny, and approachable, that’s way too psychospiritual, you already lost me!


  • I had let my work ethics slide and was content that way. ~ Geoff.
  • People are good at setting BHAGS, but not good at setting SMART goals. ~ Cate
  • Where are you not doing the right activities or measuring the activities you need to do to hit your goals? ~ Cate
  • This has been a humbling and fantastic process, I’ve gained so much! ~ Geoff
  •  The realization you had with YHC to do this as a career, made you realize you had to work differently to make a good living wage. ~ Cate

Guest: Geoff Mackenzie

A veteran Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Geoff was seeking a coaching education when he found in Summer 2020. Apparently ready to leap, he signed up to YHC within a month! Geoff’s ultimate YHC goal is to create a habits group for men only.

I had "big eyes" when I joined YHC: I thought I could enroll 20pax immediately and quickly pay back my fees as a fast-tracker, all with ZERO EXPERIENCE in building a successful business.

Now at end of Q6 as a YHC-er, I just hit full ROI and moved into profit territory.

I have yet to make significant moves on one of my original goals: creating a men-only habits group.