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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jun 28, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Whatever happens in your journey, happens for a reason. Every mistake, obstacle, and challenge that you encounter in life is meant for you to overcome. How you face your challenges today will determine your journey tomorrow. 

In this episode, our Coach of the Month Megan MacDonald is joining us today to share about her journey of Yoga Healing. She will also share some of the things she has learned and how she faced those challenges. Stay tuned!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What tools and strategies did Megan use to get to where she is today?
  • How do you stay focused?
  • What problems does Megan like to solve?
  • Who’s attracted to working with her?
  • What are Megan’s biggest takeaways from her yoga health coaching journey in order to be able to guide people over the threshold into the journey?
  • What potential does Megan see for a long journey?



  • [02:47] Megan’s Yoga Healing Journey  
  • [04:24] Megan’s 12-Week Journey 
  • [07:10] Tools and Strategies Megan has Learned 
  • [09:46] Working with Megan 
  • [14:08] Becoming the Solution 
  • [16:20] Megan’s Potential Future 
  • [17:52] Activating the Dynamic Group 
  • [18:44] Megan’s Biggest Challenge 
  • [21:12] Megan’s Words of Wisdom 


  • “If you trust how things are unfolding, it will happen.”
  • “When frustration comes up in your life, there is a deeper reason behind it. If you have somebody bump into you and you end up falling down on the pavement and knocking your knee, there's a lesson for you in there somewhere.”
  • “Getting what you want in life is not a journey of using a cookie-cutter that punches you through the other side where you can make it what you want. It is a lot of work because anything worth having is a lot of work.”

Guest Bio: Megan Macdonald

Megan Macdonald guides people to find their own answers, helping them to get unstuck and thrive. She is an educator and facilitator, combining training in holistic health and a Ph.D. in the study of belief. It was curiosity about her own chronic pain as a teenager that led to investigating over 20 healing modalities. As her health improved, she started to not only feel the benefits in her own body and mind but see the changes that deep health brought to every aspect of life. Along with yoga and reiki, the most profound changes have come through two practices – the self-healing Dalian Method (profound work on the unconscious, beliefs, the shadow, and ego) and Urine Therapy. She offers multi-week programs to help people improve sleep, and digestion, develop healthy habits, promote well-being, and raise consciousness.

Her background in theatre, and organizing and delivering national high-profile events and ceremonies for the Government of Canada helped develop her knowledge of social rituals. She did her graduate work at Queen Mary, University of London, UK, and has published, and taught widely on theatre and ritual. She is currently based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.