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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Jan 25, 2022

Podcast Intro: 

First-year Yoga Health Coach and world-class Nia teacher, Mia Thayer, has come so far since she joined the community in November of 2021. As far as she has come in one year, she feels there is still a major puzzle piece still missing.  At the beginning of her second year, she feels she is just getting started and is ready for even more creativity.

Listen in on this conversation between Mia and Cate as they discuss what’s next for her second year in regards to discovering her unique brand based around dance, rooted authenticity, and next-level anchoring.  In this, we will get wisdom hits about knowing our audience, marketing for them, working a hybrid model, and so much more!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to discover what’s next after implementing the business model
  • How to build your unique brand
  • How to market for your audience
  • How to run a hybrid course - Online/offline
  • How to name your course



  • Mia reflects on the Gap and the Gain over a year, coming from no work or income to running a group.
  • Mia experiments with a hybrid model incorporating Nia into her habit journey.
  • Cate helps Mia turn current themes coming up into brand strategies.


  • 4:10- Recognizing current themes coming up.
  • 6:58- Compassionate Inquiry Training with Gabor Mate.
  • 7:50- Creating a safe, accepting, and growth-oriented space.
  • 9:30- Liberating structures for authentic attachments.  
  • 10:30- Coaching offline vs. online.
  • 15:17- Listing pain points and potentials.
  • 18:44- Building unique specialties into method and brand.
  • 19:52- Building a hybrid model/package regenerative community.
  • 23:46- Applying unique specialties to the program.
  • 26:38- Creating a new brand name.


  • “In the group setting you're attached, but you're attached to people who can grow, and that's really different than being attached to people who aren’t allowing you to grow, and who you are also not allowing to grow because that feels unsafe.”
  • “It’s not really a return [to self], it’s next level anchoring.”
  • “You’re creating a regenerative community where you are inviting people to spread word of mouth, and have an in person experience with you because that's really the most important thing.”
  • “I can host a workshop and literally the group can lead it.”
  • “The potential is, you can design your life and do the best work in the world.”

Guest BIO: Mia Thayer

Mia is half American half Argentine, born and raised in China. She is a Nia movement teacher and in the middle of a lot of change.