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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Nov 6, 2019

In this episode, our Yoga Health Coach of the Month, Isabel Castro, shares the journey of her soul to finding Ayurveda. She explains how she started the YHC work parties and inner work parties and why she feels they are so valuable for the community. Tune in to learn more about her unique path through YHC!


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why Isabel started work parties and inner work parties
  • How Isabel reconnected with her family roots and found Ayurveda school
  • What Isabel’s one-year goals are for her program


Links Mentioned in Episode:


Show Highlights:

  • Isabel talks about her time living on a biodynamic permaculture farm in Costa Rica
  • Isabel describes the sense of calm that comes about for her group members from living the habits
  • Isabel describes how and why she started work parties and the benefits of inner work parties
  • Isabel and Amy discuss the benefits of the kaizen approach and how it helps build trust in yourself. 


Favorite Quotes:

  • “I always liked the group sports better because of the social aspect.” - Isabel
  •  “I’m also pretty passionate about empowerment and people feeling into their own tools and natural strengths and I feel that in the group we can really offer that… Everyone can support in their ways” - Isabel
  • “It’s an opportunity for people to be able to connect to a community outside of time and space.” -Isabel
  • “A lot of times we can learn from our own challenges.” -Isabel
  • “When we are so in something, it’s hard to see outside of it. But when we get to be that outside, that third person and see it objectively, we can see it in a different perspective and then relate it to our own experience … and it’s just so beautiful!” -Isabel


Guest BIO

Isabel Castro is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Yoga Health Coach, originally from California. After getting a bachelor's in Liberal Studies-Elementary Education, she moved to her parents’ homeland, Costa Rica. Living there on a farm, she reconnected with both her family's roots and with nature’s rhythms. The adventure then invited her to teach at an alternative high school in New Zealand, and to work on more Permaculture farms.

As she sought more health for the land, she struggled to find that balance within her own body. Her curiosity to get to the root of her own health issues led her to the holistic sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga. They finally drew a fuller picture of her health and dis-ease. They also gave her simple tools to embody more balance and vitality.

Through surviving an abusive relationship, she also experienced first-hand the many stresses women and marginalized groups face. She believes that true healing happens in a relationship, as it allows members to feel a connection through both vulnerability and triumphs. In her groups, she blends art, Ayurveda, Yoga, and habit science. Together, these support digestion of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

She’s passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health through increased awareness, and commonsense tools. Her path is a windy one and she’s grateful for the adventures. Outside of work, you may find her dancing, playing music, Improvising, painting, catching a frisbee, bike commuting, or bumping into someone she knows in downtown Bellingham, WA, where she now lives. Connect with Isabel on her website and facebook.