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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Aug 10, 2021

Sam Ford, a yoga health coach, yoga instructor, and ayurvedic practitioner, speaks with Cate. Sam reveals that she needs a better strategy with more organization in order to make better use of her time and prioritize the tasks that require immediate attention. Despite the fact that her lead generation appears to be fairly strong, Sam believes her systems are lacking in many areas, particularly her marketing calendar and social media posts. Cate suggests that Sam reach out to people in her community.

Inspired to use topics that interest her, Sam concludes that scheduling several free talks will help her reach more people, build trust, and become known as an "expert." Sam wants to be genuine and approachable in order to attract the right people. Cate also encourages Sam to choose a few locations where she can return year after year and give the same three talks.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:.

  • How to be your authentic self.
  • How to attract, engage and enroll.
  • How to create an annual marketing/social media calendar.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert.

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • Making a big difference by doing in-person talks.
  • How to map out topics you are most interested in, getting to be known as the person who does these wellness talks. 
  • Designing free talks for the year to generate specific conversations around your specialties.


  • 1:40-2:35 Where are the biggest holes in your business plan? 
  • 8:23- 8:56 Being known as the person who does the wellness talks!
  • 15:18-15:35 How to Have a focus to drive people to you locally.  


  • People who are creative want to create new things, but 90% of what has been created has already been created! Cate
  • The free talks build so much trust! You become an expert in that area. Cate
  • You might suck at the free talks initially, but you won’t suck in 6 months! Cate
  • You’re out in your community adding value and then they get on your email list. Cate
  • When I get people on a discovery call it's about a 40% conversion rate. Sam
  • I am ready for more people! Sam