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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Dec 28, 2021

Podcast Intro:

Cate assists Natalie Jackson in breaking through her networking barriers. Natalie is ready to resume networking now that she has returned from her travels. She admits to having "imposter" syndrome, and feels as though she has nothing to offer, however, she's anxious and excited to reach out to new people.

Cate walks Natalie through a process map to assist her in completing the steps required to create new course members. Natalie admits to hitting roadblocks and missing minor action steps, but she recognizes that her words are having a huge impact on the community as more people pay attention to what she is saying. Cate encourages Natalie to continue collecting names and emails and practicing her pitch.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to take action to do a gig.
  • How to break down the process and batch task.
  • How to excite people.



  • Do an empathy map! Cate
  • Your journey makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Cate
  • Let's aim for 10 if you want to hit 5, 10 x it! Cate


  • [7:22-7:40] How many events do you need to go to to meet people? We have to make it so you can control it. ~ Cate 
  •  [7:55-8:09] Sounds like you’re super networked going to events and you’re engaging them! ~ Cate
  • [9:39-9:54] Look at a low-dollar event, you don’t have to create anything new. ~ Cate


  • What actions do you need to take to get customers? Cate 
  • Get names and emails and look them up and engage them on FB messenger. Cate
  • Look at a low dollar event, you don’t have to create anything new. Cate
  • Maybe your people need to see the same messages in multiple formats, with memes and social media posts. Cate.
  • I try to show and model an action versus words Natalie.
  • You have to practice the pitch seven times to be a pro! Cate

Guest: Natalie Jackson

As a wilderness instructor and minimalist lifestyle (tiny house & van) Natalie guides others to take their body habits on the road to feel vibrant and alive. She's known for her bright energy and laugh and has a passion for bikepacking and paddling.