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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Dec 21, 2021

Podcast Intro

Glenna Bedoya is very helpful to her community and has experienced so much growth as a Yoga Health Coach in the past two years.  But with this success comes new and more challenging hurdles….

Sometimes it’s just a matter of proper goal setting, getting into a healthier mindset, planning, and of course marketing!  Listen in as Cate as she helps Glenna ask the right questions to find her next areas to grow herself, her community, and her income.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to create financial security as an entrepreneur and wellness pros.
  • How to grow your wellness business.
  • How to build trust out of sales-generating activities.
  • Where to take action with your marketing messages.
  • How to retrain your mind out of scarcity.



  • Cate talks about shaking the underlying insecurity of financial targets.
  • Learning to leverage yoga communities and beyond with marketing.
  • Testing out different marketing messages.


  • 3:45- Developing a long-term plan and budgeting along the way.
  • 4:30- Structuring time and actions for growth
  • 8:35- Questioning how to continually grow.
  • 13:52- Leveraging the yoga community and beyond with social media.
  • 17:40- Shifting out of the victim mentality to being in control of income.
  • 19:24- Feeling gratitude for what's working and experiencing more abundance.
  • 22:45 - Building trust through sales-generating activities.
  • 25.43- Speaking to “The Gain” more in marketing.
  • 26:20- Retraining the mind out of scarcity.
  • 28:25- Habit, trigger, reward!  Trust triggering to sales-generating activity.


  •  “The mind finds loopholes and it just runs loops and those loops will keep you in the outdated pattern of thinking.”
  • “If I want to experience growth in my business, I have to be open enough to listen to what's going on out there that I know about, and how can I address it in a way that really lands for people.”
  • “The answer is always more planning, reset the focus, up the game, and just create and keep working the plan.”
  • “One of the most fun things about being an entrepreneur is that you are in control of income”
  • “Do people a favor and be able to be found.  Do people a favor and reach out.”

Guest BIO: Glenna Bedoya

Greetings. I'm Glenna, a St. Louis based yogi, teacher, Ayurveda Health Coach, Reiki Master, and Somatic Dance Guide. I'm here to guide you into your deeper knowing and the great potentiality of living your best life.