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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

May 3, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Claudia Huber has been a Yoga Health Coach to modern women in Germany for two years now.  While she’s transforming lives and helping them find ease in their everyday life, she’s looking to go even deeper.  She doesn’t want to get bored and there is so much more she wants to learn and become an expert in.

Listen in on this coaching gym as Cate helps Claudia get clear on WHAT problem she is solving for WHO, as well as how to use her constant learning and research as marketing.  This conversation will inspire writing as part of learning, mental digestion, and marketing and provide real ways to efficiently and effectively use your writing to get the most reach!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to effectively take in new research and information.
  • Why writing serves as a digestion for the brain. 
  • What types of writing are best for marketing.
  • How to use your writing and research in multiple ways.
  • How to expand your reach through writing.



  • Cate mentions studies on obesity and the size of the pineal gland. 
  • Cate comments on connections with Ayurvedic texts and newer findings in brain science on how we are constantly meant to learn and adapt to better predict our future. 
  • Cate talks about how companies are focusing on wellness more.
  • Cate acknowledges how on a previous podcast how Claudia’s members made a book for her on how she changed their life.


  •  [2:35]- The evolution of Yogahealer courses.
  •  [4:25]- Teacher vs. Coach vs. Leader.  
  •  [6:27]- Making marketing exciting
  •  [10:55]- Cognitive digestion through writing and editing.
  •  [12:32]- Writing articles vs. social media posts.  
  •  [17:58]- The process of finding voice through writing.
  •  [25:55]- Defining the problem to be solved to write about.
  •  [30:34]- Five words exercise for marketing.
  •  [32:58]- Recording and archiving content.
  •  [38:48] -Lecturing vs. connecting. 
  •  [43:55]- Writing an effective social media post.
  •  [46:14]- Expanding your reach.


  • “What is edgy to you is important to the dynamism of the community.”
  • “Get your desires to work for you, not against you, and then your deeper desires will lead to deeper fulfillment.”
  • “Anything that’s teachable, make that a renewable resource.  The highest value your members can get from you is coaching, so if you have good renewable resources to back up their learning in the process then you can do the highest value work with the person in front of you.”
  • “What’s the hook?  What’s the before the story?  What’s the after story? What’s the takeaway? That’s a social media post.”
  • “Writing is the tool to develop your brain.”

Guest Bio: Claudia Huber

Yoga Teacher - 1000 h, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Health Coach

Leading my own Community Soul Glow Veda for over 2 years now - to more GLOW in their body, mind and soul.