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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

May 31, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Like many, Helena is a Yoga Health Coach who has felt unmotivated and stagnated by everything going on in the world.  While her expertise in Ayurveda, Massage, Yoga, and Somabreath is needed more than ever in the world, she hasn’t felt confident in a complete online community.  All of this, along with plans to move to a new location has got her questioning the best path for her purpose.

This coaching gym with Cate and Helena is filled with many gems that motivate and reinvigorate making your personal brand a unique journey.   Take a deep exhale and drop into this conversation on building structure, designing a course, and finding potential clients in a way that is authentic.  When our inner wisdom is causing friction with our purpose, how can we create flow from that friction?

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to get motivated again!
  • How to build a dynamic group in a new community.  
  • Where to host live events.
  • How to build an evolving structure for your unique course.
  • Why get potential clients interested in wellness investments.



  • Cate shared about explaining what a healing journey is at the National Ayurvedic Medicine Conference.
  • Cate talks about building a structure that can evolve through Yogahealer.
  • Cate stresses the important responsibility of teaching people how to invest in wellness.


  •  [4:50]- Turning internal wisdom into free talks.
  •  [5:55]- Getting clear on goals.
  •  [8:20]- Organizing and designing around our personal healing journey.
  •  [12:07]- Organizing and designing around member avatar.   
  •  [16:05] - Lead the journey unique to you.
  •  [21:33]- Planning out live events.
  •  [27:08]- Mesh networking. 
  •  [31:54]- Pricing to get “skin in the game”
  •  [34:25]- Marketing content creation.
  •  [38:07]- Teaching people how to invest.


  • “The members are also mentors.  We are all continually learning.”
  • “What do they need to know, think, and experience in order to transact with me and start the healing journey?”
  • “The structure is going to evolve and that's the beauty of this business model.”
  • “Don’t think about nailing the structure.  Think of the best structure to possibly test first.”
  • “What's the opportunity cost of not having people in your life that is growing, changing, and evolving and learning new things and living a healthy life?

Guest BIO: Helena Subijana

Coach practitioner in Ayurveda, Yoga and Somabreath instructor.