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Wellness Pro Podcast with Cate Stillman

Oct 2, 2019

As most people do, Colleen found yoga for the physical benefits and stayed for the life transformation. Now she is a dancer/ bartender turned Yoga Health Coach! She found Yogahealer through a friend, did her first YogiDetox, and was hooked. As a Yoga Health Coach, she focuses her course on mothers with young kids, who are typically previous Prenatal students! Tune in to be inspired by her transformation and words of wisdom.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How Colleen’s first YogiDetox changed her life
  • How her miscarriage led her to teach prenatal
  • Why backbends are so therapeutic
  • Why the YogiDetox transformed her daily rhythm
  • How teaching 15 classes a week taught her a lot of lessons
  • Why she had to stop teaching so much

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Show Highlights:

  • Colleen shares her experience of her miscarriage
  • The lessons from teaching prenatal yoga


Favorite Quotes:

  • “What a great place to work through the trauma of miscarriage” 
  • “How have I evolved as a human being to live with the sun and the seasons and the earth and that I can lean into that, there’s an energy in the day. Leveraging that to my benefit. I’m not trying to be fiery and work and be in a real driven place at midnight. But that would be super common to me. On some level you can, but you’re paying a price.”
  • “I don’t care to learn more about asana”
  • “The inescapable time boundary, you can’t snooze it”


Guest BIO:

Colleen Hieber. As a professional dancer, I was first drawn to Yoga as a reliable method for physical therapy that I could practice on my own. Eventually, Yoga became so much more – I was hooked to its alignment principles, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation. I also found a community of people on a similar path to personal growth. I made teaching Yoga my path in life, after experiencing the healing power of this practice, during a particularly traumatic event. I have never looked back. It is the greatest gift to share this practice with students and new teachers.

Currently, I am leading Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour Yoga teacher trainings at Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA and 85-Hour Ma Yoga® Prenatal Teacher Trainings internationally throughout the year.

I have a deep and abiding call to bring the teachings of yoga to all different types of people. The lessons of yoga are universal. There is an innate intelligence and inherent power in the human body that is both accessible and transformational. I can give you the tools to dig deep and realize the power of grace. Connect with Colleen on her website.